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You’ll Love this TV Tray Makeover Project

Transforming old pieces of furniture never gets old. Dig around in your garage, catch a yard sale, or sift through a local secondhand shop and you’re bound to find the perfect candidate.

DIY and craft blogger Katie of Character & Charm came across some old tray tables at a Goodwill and decided to spruce them up. She snatched up a set of four for a meager $5, took them home, and got to work on this project.

To give them a vintage rustic vibe, Katie used chalk paint and a sander for a distressed finish. What makes Katie’s project unique is that she took advantage of some free online tools to achieve her design. Don’t worry – they’re easy to use. Check out the instructions for Katie’s tutorial below!

DIY Distressed Table Trays

Folding trays (or other wooden furniture piece)
Chalk paint in black and white (or your colors of choice)
Medium paint brush
Fine tip paint brush
Clear satin polycrylic

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