You Can Defog That Steamy Car Window With A Sock (No Need To Wipe) – Life Hacks Tips

You Can Defog That Steamy Car Window With A Sock (No Need To Wipe)

As winter bears down on us, a lot of people find themselves sitting in their cars waiting impatiently for the defogger to kick in. When it’s cold outside and you turn the heater on in your car, it’s just like a cold beverage on a hot day. The glass is going to steam up due to the temperature difference and the moisture inside the car that comes from the elements and your breath.

Driving with a foggy window is dangerous because it impairs your vision, but when you’re in a rush it may be tempting to just take off. Here is a life hack that can help by keeping the windows from fogging at all.

You need two things to make this work: a pair of clean socks, and some silica-based kitty litter.

Silica is super-absorbent, so it will absorb the moisture in your car from the dampness, rain, or even from your steamy, hot breath on a cold day. The sock makes the perfect holder for the kitty litter because the fabric is breathable and it’s the perfect size.

It’s best to start with a clean sock – you don’t want anything stinky or with unsightly stains sitting on your dashboard. Hold the sock open by putting it inside of a cup and spreading the opening over the edges of the cup. Another handy device is a roll of duct tape. Slip the sock inside and hook the edges over the tape roll to create an opening.

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