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What the Experts Say Is the Correct Way to Put Forks and Knives in the Dishwasher

When you share a home with another person – whether it’s just you and your spouse, a whole house-load of roommates, or a family filled with rambunctious children – silly little conflicts are part of the package. Most of those small fights we’re super-familiar with: how high or low to set the thermostat; which way to hang the toilet paper; which television shows to record and which ones to watch live. Some of them can have definitive answers (toilet paper should hang over, thanks), but pretty much all of them can be solved with mature compromise. So it’s always surprising to us to not only learn about a new debate, but find one that just might have an answer that’s really “right.” But that’s what happened when we stumbled upon this article from NBC News which seeks to discover the answer to an apparently-eternal question: should you put utensils, specifically pointy knives and forks, in the dishwasher pointing up, or down?

Debating correct way to load utensils and dishes in dishwasher

We can hear some of you shouting the answer from here! Like a lot of things, the way one loads the dishwasher gets deeply ingrained the older we get, and a lot of us feel very strongly about it. (Anybody who’s ever opened the dishwasher after her spouse has loaded it and rearranged the dishes knows exactly what we mean.) For the utensil debate, there are pretty strong arguments on both sides. (An ongoing Houzz poll shows that most of the population is split 50-50 on it.) The pro-point-side-up side argues that it’s the best way to make sure the parts of the knives and forks we actually use get hit with the water pressure. The pro-point-side-down side counters that having sharp knives and pointy fork prongs facing up is just an invitation to poke, scratch, and even cut yourself when you reach into the dishwasher. So which side is right?

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