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What Happens When You Put Cinnamon on Rose Bushes

Cinnamon makes so many foods taste better, and its warm scent brings a nice aroma to a room. More than a yummy spice, it’s also used for health, beauty, and household purposes.

In gardening circles, cinnamon is known to thwart many types of plant threats. Whether it’s used outdoors or indoors, the herb has properties that protect, heal, and kill. Below we have outlined seven ways you can use cinnamon to make your green thumb life easier.

Any member of the cinnamon family will do when it comes to plant work, so feel free to grab the Ceylon or its cassia cousin to get the job done.

Image of cinnamon sticks.

1- Plant Wound Weaver

Snapped plant stems and accidental tears happen. You can heal your poor plant’s wound by dusting the site with a little cinnamon powder.

2- Bug Battler

Ants, gnats, and mosquitoes don’t like the smell of cinnamon (and word is that squirrels aren’t fans either). To keep them away from your harvest or yard hangouts, spread some powder where you see a concentration of them or on their pathway.

You can also make a spray using 20-25 drops of cassia or cinnamon essential oil diluted in 1-2 cups of water. Spritz onto gnats, aphids, and mosquitoes to zap them, but be careful not to get the spray in your face or eyes!

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