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What Happens When You Bake Eggs in the Shell

Hard boiled eggs are amazing and extremely versatile; you can have them as a healthy snack, use them to make delicious appetizers like deviled eggs, or even dye them during the Easter season! But if you’ve ever had to make hard boiled eggs in bulk, you know they can quickly become a pain in the neck to make.

To fit all your eggs, you have to rummage to the back of your cabinets to get your biggest pot, then you have to wait forever for the extra water to boil, and THEN it takes longer than usual to make the eggs when you’ve over-stuffed the pot. On top of all that fuss, it’s easy to make one perfect batch of hard boiled eggs and completely screw up the next.

For an easier way to boil eggs in bulk, don’t turn to the stovetop — your oven is actually the smartest way to go!

The thought of baking eggs in their shells might seem odd, but it’s an extremely simple way to produce large quantities of hard boiled eggs in only a half hour. The One Pot Chef shows us how easy this can be and the only two things you need to get the job done in the video below.

Surprisingly, popping your eggs into the oven to bake makes perfect hard boiled eggs every time; the egg shells don’t splinter or crack and internally the eggs cook in the exact same way. What’s more, you get to skip scrubbing your dishes and just get right to enjoying your eggs!
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