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Vintage Glass Pane Door Headboard

I recruited the hubs in bolting the two sides to studs in the wall because this bad boy is hea-vy but boy-oh-boy he is worth it.
Update: I would not suggest attaching this to a standard bed frame for fear of it falling over and making for a really bad visit for both you and your guests.

Here is the finished product!
The only thing left to do was to grab a cup of tea and my book and finally spend the night in the beach guest room. Which I did, all by myself and let me tell you, it was wonderful.

Materials used for this project:

-Wall mural


-Diamond Brite Paint 21450 1-Gallon Semi…

-Heinz White Vinegar, 64 Ounce

-Vintage glass panel door

-Shappy 9 Pads Steel Wire…