Vertical Vegetable Garden – Life Hacks Tips

Vertical Vegetable Garden


Hi everyone, it’s Shawna B. here! I’m so excited to share the instructions for April’s DIY kit with you! For those of you just tuning in, we have a DIY kit that our subscribers receive each month. In the kits, we offer surprise projects with a different monthly theme, delivered directly to our subscibers’ doors.
This kit’s theme is Gardening, and this month’s project is a Vertical Vegetable Garden. It’s a great spring project. I’m really excited to have a great little veggie and herb garden growing on my wall; I’m actually growing this one on the wall in our offices!

You can plant this kit inside or outside. And, it includes everything you need to grow your own organic salad (as well as a number of my favorite gardening products). The only items needed for this kit that were not included are dirt and water. Also, tweezers are optional.

Inside this kit you will find: A mini Planter’s Pride greenhouse with organic coconut fiber growing pods, carrot seeds, lettuce seeds, radish seeds, spinach seeds, cherry tomato seeds, cucumber seeds, basil seeds, and parsley seeds. (All the seeds included in this kit are certified organic, and because they are from Burpee, that means that they are non-GMO. ) Also, you will find a vertical garden bag, gardener’s Grime Away hand soap and two bonus presents: pure lye soap and laundry detergent from Grandma’s Pure and Natural.

Some of the reasons I really like this grow kit is that not only is it made from recycled plastics, but also it can be recycled when you’re done using! And you know how important the environment is to Hometalk! Also, the grow pods aren’t made from peat moss, which, because of current high demand, bogs that peat moss grow in are slowly becoming endangered. Instead, it’s made out of organic coconut fiber which is much more easily renewable. Woohoo!
To get them to expand completely. I totally covered them with water in the seed tray.

After about just 10 minutes, the seed pods should be all grown. I love that these pods grow so much larger than those from other companies! I lifted up the pods and saw that they had sucked up every drop of water, so I added a little bit more. If there’s too much water, you’ll see it in between the pods when they’re done growing. You can get rid of that excess water by tilting it and letting it run out.
Here’s a great little video about what your seeds need, filled with some extra tips.

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