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Use These Tips To Get Rid Of Those Stubborn Stains On Your Cookie Sheets

Cooking can be so fun, especially when you’re making your tried and true desserts. Your entire house is infiltrated with decadently sweet flavors, making you feel as though you’ve stepped right into a cozy little bakery. While that enjoyment lasts for a time, it gradually comes to a screeching halt when you look to the sink and realize you’re now left with kitchen cleanup duty.

Some dishes like your mixing bowl, whisk, spatulas, and measuring cups can easily be thrown into the dishwasher without a second thought. Other items such as your baking sheets need a little more TLC.

Baking sheets can be pretty stubborn when it comes to stains. It seems like little to nothing can cause dark, burned spots that seem virtually impossible to scrub off. When you feel you’re at your wit’s end with scrubbing, you feel as though it would be easier to just toss it and get a new one.

Before you do that, though, I have some good news! The team at Little Thingscompiled an incredibly handy list of ways to clean your burnt and stained cookie sheets, leaving them looking good as new (or pretty darn close to it!).

When it comes to your nonstick cookie sheets, you’ll need a nonabrasive cleaning sponge, water, and baking soda. Combine the baking soda and water together to form a paste. Cover the cookie sheet in the paste and let sit for about an hour. Using your sponge, gently scrub the stained areas until they are no longer visible. Finish up by washing thoroughly with soap and water.

For the stainless steel cookie sheets, you’ll need some hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and an abrasive sponge (such as steel wool sponge). Sprinkle a layer of baking soda onto the stained areas of your cooking sheet. Cover areas with peroxide and another layer of baking soda. Leave this mixture sitting on the sheet for one or two hours. Using your abrasive scrubber, scrub the stained areas until they are gone. Finish by washing thoroughly.

[Tips via Little Things.]

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