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Upcycled Food Tray Chalkboard

Ugly dull plastic food trays have hope! You can turn them into lovely chalkboards with inspirational quotes. Perfect for any place in your house and makes for a great gift, too.
I have seen pretty plastic food trays but if you have more like a cafeteria food tray that is old and very used, fret not my friend. This is another wonderful opportunity to upcycle. Ready to get on board?

On a mission to upcycle an old and dull food tray to a chalkboard home decor.

This is the tray… the boring tray.

We are going to create a shapely chalkboard frame on the tray so to do that we need to prepare a cardboard template and mark measurements.
Make sure you are working on a food tray free from dust or dirt. Wipe it clean. Then measure the width and length of the tray so you can find the center and then mark it with pencil.

Get a used cardboard and cut up a section that will fit in one of your quarter measurements on the food tray.

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source: fancymomma.com