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Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls Into This Pretty Wreath!

You won’t want to recycle all of your toilet paper rolls after you see this awesome wreath you can make using them!

Materials you will need:
-Toilet paper rolls – I used about 30. If you have paper towel rolls though, you’ll use less.
-circular base to hold the cardboard “petals.” I just formed some rope from a brown paper bag to use. A cross stitch hoop would also work well.
-some sort of flower decor to add to the cardboard petals. I had scrapbook paper flowers on hand.
-Twine flowers would also be great – READ HERE to see how to make them!

Press your toilet paper rolls flat, and cut them into strips about 1/4″ wide. You can see a tub full of them in the picture above.

Because I didn’t have any cross stitch hoops on hand, and didn’t want to buy one for this project, I just made my own circle base out of rope handles from a brown paper bag I had. I just wrapped the rope around a small pot and used some hot glue to re-enforce the circular shape.

Hot Glue the toilet paper roll “petals” in the pattern above on the rope circle.

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source: happydealhappyday.com