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Transform an Old Fridge

A client of mine lives in a studio apartment in Queens. His space is very industrial -dark gray ceiling, metal cubes for a coffee table, and he even poured his own concrete floors to add to the industrial look he is going for. So, when faced with what to do about his out-dated white appliances, we decided to paint his fridge instead of getting him a new one! There are a few products out there that promise stainless steel like finishes because they actually contain real stainless steel pigments! I tried Rustoleum’s Stainless Steel appliance paint. The can promises a “single application” and although that is far from the truth, the outcome is pretty good if you have the patience for several coats. In the end, we took an old 80’s apartment sized fridge and updated its look for the cost of a can of paint.


4″ roller tool
4″ foam roller (later on in the project I switched to a regular roller)
Angled paint brush
Paint Tray
Rust-Oleum’s Stainless Steel paint
Black spray paint (optional)
Phillips head screwdriver

We started out with an all white fridge. The product states that if you’re painting an appliance there is no need for primer. I decided to follow the instructions, but I wonder if that’s why I had to apply 3-4 coats.

Source: hometalk

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