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This Is the ONLY Time You Should Wash a Turkey

Clear the decks. Don’t have knife blocks, dish towels, sponges, vases holding spatulas, or anything else on the counter, except the roasting pan.

Lay down a bed of paper towels around the sink.

Keep the roasting pan close so you’re not dripping water unnecessarily.

Use cold water for rinsing. The USDA recommends filling the sink with a few inches of cold water. Place the bird in the sink, and gently run cold (not warm) water to clean out the cavity. That’s the key: rinsing out the cavity. Let the water flow through the cavity.

Hold the bird up to drain thoroughly from the cavity into the sink. And place it carefully on the roasting rack.

Clean up the mess. Toss the paper towels in the trash and before you do anything else wash the sink and countertop with hot soapy water.

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