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This House Only Cost $4,000 And Can Be Built In One Day

I remember first hearing about the ingenuity of 3D printing almost ten years ago, and in that case a young company was designing and building furniture. Over the years, the method has taken off!

3D printing has come a long way and prompting evolution in fields such as fashion, medicine, and construction. It is changing the way people live – survive even. How? A partnership between non-profit New Story and construction technology firm Icon is creating homes for people for $4,000.

New Story is a charity that works to provide shelters in developing countries around the world. They teamed up with Icon to come up with a way to build sustainable houses with inexpensive materials. Icon built a custom 3D printer called the Vulcan that is able to print an entire home in 24 hours!

To get the global project off the ground, they worked together to make a prototype of a home. In spring 2018, Austin-based Icon unveiled the small 3D-printed house, which is the first permitted version of its kind in America.

Walls are made from a concrete mixture that includes cement and plasticizers, and Icon’s innovative technology allows for the machine to follow blueprints to build these tiny houses. According to Wired, the Vulcan only requires 240 volts of electricity to run, which equates to the power needed to run a clothes dryer.
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