These life hacks may be from 100 years ago, but they are shockingly useful today – Life Hacks Tips

These life hacks may be from 100 years ago, but they are shockingly useful today

Life hacks are the latest craze. We all want a better way to carry out our daily activities, and sometimes the answer comes in mysterious forms. Some of the best solutions are not some new-age innovation made possible by technology. Sometimes they have been around for years. These life hacks, taken from “how to do it” cards found in old cigarette boxes, are from 100 years ago, but they are still completely relevant and useful today. Who knew the past could have so much to offer?


Splinters – we have all been there. A pesky splinter stuck in your finger or the bottom of your foot can be the absolute worst! If you’ve ever had a splinter and no tweezers handy, you know just how miserable life can be. The card trick (scraping a card against the splinter to slide it out) works sometimes, but that method is unpleasant and unreliable. So next time you get a dreadful splinter stuck in your skin, try this simple bottle trick!


We all know the struggle of cutting a fresh loaf of bread at a family gathering. It can be a real nightmare – uneven slices and crumbs everywhere! Not to fear, this old knife trick can solve the problem right away – and leave your fresh baked bread beautiful.


Maybe you’re giving flowers to your sweetie, or maybe you are just trying to brighten up the room. Whatever your flower need, rest assured that this old trick will bring your blossoms back to life. Simple and effective, you’ll never have to worry about flowers dying too soon again.


Does your house have a fire extinguisher? Probably not. In case there is a fire in your home, there are better ways to handle the situation than to wait around for the fire truck to appear. This quick and easy solution will help you sleep safe and sound knowing that you can save yourself from a fire, but let’s hope you never have to test this trick!

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