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There’s A Hidden Third Person In This Picture. Do You See it?

Take a closer look at that photo up above. How many people do you see? At first glance, it seems pretty obvious: there are two people, possibly a couple, standing on the shore and gazing out toward the water. Nobody else seems to be in sight, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see there’s a third figure hiding in plain sight.

Do you see it? Take another look.

Is it popping out to you yet? If not, let us give you some clues. Look at the photo again and pay special attention to the branches of the trees. We’re not looking for an actual person; we’re looking for an optical illusion. See it now?

It’s a baby!

Once it’s pointed out, it’s impossible to not see it anymore. It’s crazy, right? Like somebody drew the image into those branches on purpose. We know it’s a case of the brain making and seeing patterns where there really aren’t any, but it’s still super cool.

We first saw the image over on guff’s round-up of fun optical illusions and hidden images in old photographs. Nobody seems to know where this hidden baby image originated, but we do know it’s inspired us to check out and share some more illusions, hidden images, and tricky photographs. Check out some of our faves!
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