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The Microphone Chandelier

Okay. A box of microphones, a string of Christmas lights, and a can of gold spray paint walk into a bar. The gold spray paint, being the most flamboyant of the group, yells, “Shots are on me tonight! WOO!!” None of them remembers what happens after that, but apparently one thing leads to another. Because the next morning, the three of them wake up like this:

Isn’t that totally freakin’ AWESOME??
Now, the microphones and the Christmas lights and the spray paint can’t tell you what happened that night, but luckily for you readers, I was there.
And I took pictures.
And if you’re not too creeped out yet, here’s how I made this chandelier:
Step 1: Find a bunch of really really really cheap microphones. These blue plastic ones were $2 a piece on eBay. I used 16 of them.

Step 2: Take all the sound components out of the microphone and replace them with light components from the Christmas lights.
Step 3: Carefully map out where you want your microphones to go, then drill 16 meticulously-placed holes in the hollow-brass ball you purchased from a lamp supply company.

Step 4: Slide hollow rods (also purchased from a lamp supply store) over the microphone cables and into the plastic connector piece at the end.

Step 5: Slide the rods through the holes you drilled in the brass ball. Secure the rods on the inside and outside with nuts.

Step 6: Have somebody who knows what they’re doing with electricity wire everything up inside the ball. I tagged in my husband on this step. I’m more of an “ideas” person than a “practical” person.
Step 7: Spray paint!
Step 8: Hang your new Microphone Sputnik Chandelier, and enjoy!

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