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The Effortless Secret to Making your House Smell Incredible

Have you ever walked into a house that smelled absolutely amazing, and all you could think is “how can I make my house smell this good?”

Turns out, there’s a little known secret to making every room of your house smell like a dream. It’s not a magical potion, it’s not a joke, and it will enhance your daily mood while making your home smell fresh at the same time.

It’s a super easy DIY homemade spray that smells better than any name brand on the market today. 

Even better, it will only cost you 60 cents to make one bottle of your own concoction that will last the same amount of time or even potentially longer than any over-the-counter air fresheners (unless you become addicted to the smell and use it constantly; no judgement here).

There is one ingredient that really makes this product stand out from any other air freshener, and that, my friends, is Downy Unstopables. 
If you haven’t seen them on shelves yet, they’re little scent-booster beads that you can throw in the washer with your normal laundry load to make your clothes smell great. They come in a few different scents, and the fresh scent lasts for quite some time.
Ready to get started? You’ll need:

  • A quarter cup of Downy Unstopables
  • Four tablespoons of baking soda
  • One cup boiling water
  • An empty spray bottle
  • A large bowl for mixing
  • A funnel

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