Terra Cotta Pot Smoker – Life Hacks Tips

Terra Cotta Pot Smoker

Don’t you just LOVE smoked meats and cheeses? I certainly do! BBQ’s are great, but slow smoked meats are something else entirely! Meat smokers can be seriously expensive though! That’s why I made this meat smoker for a fraction of the cost with some simple terra cotta flower pots, a single burner, and a grill grate.

Here’s a video of me doing this live, in case you want to see how it all went down.

SUPPLIES: -Grilling Skillet -Single Burner -Wood Chips -14-17″ Terra Cotta Pot -14-17″ Azalea Pot or scratch pot -Grill Basket / Aluminum Cake Pan -Terra Cotta Pot Feet -Masonry Drill Bits -Drill (Not pictured) -Saw -U-Pull Handle -Extra Nuts (that fit the u-handle) -Grill Thermometer -Rubber Washers -Rubber Stopper -Oven Foam Tape (not pictured, will add at a later time)

STEP 1: The burner I got had plastic handles so I cut them off with a saw so that the burner fit down in the pot.

STEP 2: Feed the cord of the burner down through the hole on the bottom of the large terra cotta pot you intend to use for the bottom portion of the smoker.

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source: hometalk.com