Teen saves money to buy an old camper, transforms it into a cozy “glamper” for her and friends – Life Hacks Tips

Teen saves money to buy an old camper, transforms it into a cozy “glamper” for her and friends

It’s no secret that you don’t need a large home or need to spend a fortune to create an extremely cozy and warm place to live and spend some time in, as we’ve seen before with this amazing garage home transformation.


The fourteen-year-old teen Ellie Yeater did something that can be considered as the ultimate DIY-project and created an even more impressive transformation.


Ellie, from West Virginia, had some free time in the summer and she decided to spend most of her days renovating an old camper from 1974.


The teen declared the end goal as a “glamper”, instead of just a regular camper. The motivated 14-year-old had saved up $500 for her goal to buy a camper, as she amassed the money from birthdays and several chores. Ellie’s mom describes her as an “out-of-the-box kinda kid”. It certainly doesn’t sound like Ellie didn’t want to get her hands dirty.


For a price of $200, she found a camper in a classifieds paper. Ellie used the rest of her saved up budget to gather materials for the renovation including paint, flooring, fabric and of course some interior items and other decorations. Luckily, her dad decided to throw a little cash in himself to get Ellie a wood and rubber roof roll.

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