Stump Solar Lights – Page 3 – Life Hacks Tips

Stump Solar Lights

Next, pop your lights into the holes you drilled.

Finally, instead of adding different ornamental elements to my stumps like I had originally thought of, I ended up adding two rustic door pieces. My husband and I are always looking for random, old trinkets for potential projects and these came off of a pair of antique doors we scored a few years ago. My husband took the acrylic knobs off of them and we were left with these unique, rusted, metal door pieces. I’m sure you could find similar door pieces at junk barns or antique shops.

Aren’t these gorgeous??! I’m absolutely in love with these solar stumps!

Materials I used for this project

  • Tree stumps
  • Solar lights (Home Depot)
  • Bees wax (Home Depot)
  • Antique door pieces