Rubber Door Mat Wall Decor in 30 Minutes – Life Hacks Tips

Rubber Door Mat Wall Decor in 30 Minutes

Hey Y’all!!! I’m am so excited about this project!If you’re looking for a statement piece for your home decor but don’t want to dig deep in your pockets, this is totally the project for you! Who would have thought a door mat could become such a wall beauty?!

Wait ’til you see what this door mat becomes!!!

SUPPLIES: -rubber mat -spray paint -fine grit sandpaper

STEP 1: Spray mat First, I spray painted my mat using long, quick bursts. I had a handy dandy spray can attachment but unfortunately, after several years, it kicked the bucket and I haven’t gotten a new one yet. Do one even coat on the front and sides of the mat—I didn’t bother with the back since it was going to be hanging on the wall.

STEP 2: Let the mat dry completely.

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