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Reclaimed Wood-Herringbone Pattern on the Ceiling

I love the look of reclaimed wood. I’m completely redoing the living room and have this vaulted ceiling that I just don’t like! It’s huge, bare and icky. I wanted to do shades of gray in the room with pops of teal. So, 100-year-old douglas fir, stained in shades of weathered gray and touches of white milk paint was used. Each board had its own character so I got quite a variation of colors. I like the idea of a distressed wood with a beach-cottage vibe to it. I will be mixing in some elegant features to keep it from looking too “shabby”.
I love the herringbone pattern and my husband and I decided it would be worth a try. We are avid DIYers, so it wasn’t that difficult. Each board was cut to 3′. It’s imperative that the measurement stays consistent or it will throw off your pattern. Yes, this is a ton of work. But, that’s why it looks so cool! Next week we tackle the floor with silver travertine! I will update the post with pics as soon as the room is finished! If I’m able to move afterward.

Here’s how I got the wood. 6′ boards, raw, and very rough. Each one got sanded and stained/painted.

100-year-old reclaimed wood that was actually milled for flooring. I did all of the prep work in batches since I could lay out the wood all at once in the garage to paint.

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