PVC Pipe Lights – Life Hacks Tips

PVC Pipe Lights

Who doesn’t love a good lamp to add some soft light to a room? These PVC pipe lights not only add a nice glow, but cast beautiful shapes around them and add a nice touch of character too! You can carve the shapes of your choice into a piece of PVC pipe and add a touch light inside for a simple and mobile light design. These lights are extremely customizable and easy to place anywhere in the house! We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

SUPPLIES: -Hacksaw -Sharpie -Small Battery Powered Lights (can get stick-on lights) -Sticky sided Velcro Dots -Wen Rotary Tool -PVC pipes in diameter of your choice -Sander / Sanding block -X-Acto Knife (not pictured above)

STEP 1: Make your PVC pipes look white and bright Grab a sander and sand off all the words and print on the PVC pipes.

STEP 2: Cut your pipes Use a hacksaw to cut your pipes to the desired height you would like your lamp or lamps to be. I cut each of the pipes in different heights so that they would have a nice variety.

STEP 3: Make it smooth Use your sander to sand down the rough edges on the ends you just cut.

STEP 4: Draw out your design Take a fine point sharpie and draw whatever design you would like to cut out of your.

STEP 5: Carve out your design Grab your rotary tool and an appropriate carving tip for the shape you are looking to create and carve it out slowly. I found that the diamond encrusted burrs worked well to get through the plastic and create pretty precise lines. I then used a small grinding stone accessory to sand down any lumpy areas. This is the time consuming part of this project, but it is pretty therapeutic.

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