Prayer Garden – Page 3 – Life Hacks Tips

Prayer Garden

We then turned a lot of the scrap wood (tops from posts, etc) into art creations! We also made sure to include electric running out here for lights, the fountain and electrical outlets. I plan to spend lots of time here and it will be great to sit and be able to use my computer!

View from Outside

We finished with the garden for the winter and had to wrap up the fountain and other more delicate items last fall. I’m writing this post because I hope to reveal how things are now looking in the new spring. Here’s a look at the final costs to date (best estimate): Home Depot Purchases – lumber, trellis, hinges, paint, brushes, nails $1300 Home Depot – paver sand, electrical supplies, cup hooks $100 Earth Best – sand, mulch $80 Adamson – Landscape and plants $700 Written in Stone – fountain and bells $400 Amazon – lighting $150 Furniture Make Over – custom cushions – $800 Walmart – curtains and rod, cuphooks $60 Craig’s list – doors $55 Hobby Lobby – 2 smaller bird cages, 3 crosses $70 Craig’s list – large bird cage $25 Garage sales – statues, cups, shutters, stands, mirrors, etc – $80 Craig’s list – bricks, concrete table and stand, patio sculptures, dresser mirror frame, pic frames – free Total costs (not counting labor!) = $3820 Also, I was limited to 15 pics here so I made a pinterest page that has a lot more pics.. including pics of when my husband brought in our Chimenea one night (I thought he was going to burn down my lovely garden). Here:

Materials I used for this project:

  • Pressure Treated Lumber (Home Depot)
  • 3 gallons paint, spray paint, brushes (Home Depot)
  • Trex ‘like’ trellis (Home Depot)
  • Decking nails, hinges (Home Depot)
  • Decking planks (Home Depot)
  • Sand (Earth’s Best)
  • Paver Sand (Home Depot)
  • Trees (Adamson WeGro Landscape)
  • Bulbs (on hand)
  • Various plants (Adamson WeGro Landscape)
  • Flagstone (Adamson WeGro Landscape)
  • Electrical wire, outlets, switches (Home Depot)
  • String Lighting (
  • Doors (Craig’s List)
  • Fountain (Written in Stone)
  • Bricks (Craig’s List)
  • Paving Sealer, brush (Home Depot)
  • Cup hooks (Walmart)
  • Cushion and Pillows (Furniture MakeOver)
  • Assorted decor (Craig’s List, Garage Sales)
  • Shower Curtains and Rod (Walmart)
  • Corinthian Bells (Written in Stone)
  • Mulch (Earth’s Best)
  • Smaller Bird Cages, 3 crosses (Hobby Lobby)
  • Large White Bird Cage (Craig’s list)
  • Christmas lights (on hand)
  • Sweat (on hand)
  • Love (on hand)