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Pottery Barn Knockoff: DIY Birch Candles

I love the birch candles featured in my favorite home decor catalogs. But to purchase five birch candles from Pottery Barn would have cost me nearly $200. I made my own instead for less than $20!

Here’s a peek at the finished project.

I started with five flameless candles in various sizes that I picked up at Walmart. The total for all five was about $15. I chose the battery-operated version because I wanted them to last and I didn’t want to worry about keeping stuff away from the flames. I’m sure you could use regular pillar candles. Just remember to never leave burning candles unattended – especially DIY ones.

I started by painting the outsides of the candles in a greige color (that’s a cross between gray and beige, to be clear), similar to the color of tree bark. I used leftover chalk paint I had lying around, but any craft paint would probably work.

After the paint dried, I took a craft knife and cut slits all over the outsides of the candles to create the texture of birch bark.

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source: livingrichonless.com