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Patriotic Wreath Hack!

What could be better than combining holiday decor, repurposing, and dollar store items?
Spring cleaning is here, so instead of throwing out or donating ALL those dry cleaning hangers and the twist ties from the bread that have piled up in the junk drawer, combine them with a few dollar store finds and…PRESTO…holiday decor just in time. And on a great budget with DYI satisfaction!

Dollar store mesh
Dry cleaner hangers
Twist ties from the bread
Reduce, reuse, repurpose, redecorate!

After opening the wire hanger and getting it as straight as you can with just your hands, (no need to be perfectly straight) use the hanger as you would a needle and “thread” the mesh onto it. Be sure to alternate between the 2 middle rows while threading, so as to keep the mesh from tearing. The hanger is a perfect fit for the squares on the mesh!

After you have threaded all 3 colors, just twist the ends of the wire hanger, then fluff the mesh fabric. This serves as the middle of your wreath. Simply use as is, decorate, or as I have done, use as the center of the larger wreath as shown below!

Next, use 2 more dry cleaning, wire, hangers and wrap them together to create a large circle. Adjust to size and shape desired, then twist ends closed! Then add your mesh in alternating colors, securing the mesh to the wire hanger with the twist tie. ( I had cut 10 inch lengths of the mesh, then crinkled it up accordion style, then wrapped twist tie around the center of the accordioned mesh 1 time. Then wrapped the twist tie around the wire hanger to secure the mesh into place.

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