Pathway Lights – Life Hacks Tips

Pathway Lights

A way to light a pathway or Ramp, with beautiful bottles that are too pretty to just recycle.

I found these beautiful Italian Organic Soda bottles at my local 99 cents Only store. Not only was the soda great, the bottles were just too pretty to recycle! So I had an idea to light my ramp to m y THOW, but it would work just as well on a path. My one problem was the high winds where I live. So I weighted each bottle with shiny copper coated BB’s!

Next, I cut notches in the bottom of the #8 corks to accommodate the wires.

put a few lights inside each bottle. Ran a bead of silicone around each cork and shoved them in tightly.

laide them out along the ramp. (The bb’s are really pretty in the daylight, but they don’t show up as well in pictures)

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