Painted Pavestone for Garden Decor – Life Hacks Tips

Painted Pavestone for Garden Decor

Take a plain pave stone from a big box garden store and turn it into an amazing art piece for your garden with a stencil and a little paint!!! This is so simple and so fun that anyone even with out artistic skills can make fun art for the backyard, even kids!

Start with a pave stone of your choice, I picked out a set round red ones since I already had it in my backyard. They also come in grey, and sometimes tan. I have also seen square and rectangular stones as well.

Place the stencil over the stone and using a good quality outdoor paint and a foam dauber/ pouncer apply the paint to the stone. Do not press to hard or you will have all the paint bleed under the stencil and you will not get a clean coverage.

You can leave your stone plain, and this one is in black paint. I think it looks really pretty just like this.

Or you can draw out flowers in pencils and them paint in pretty flowers all over the stone. Little daisies to the recuse!

The flowers look really pretty all over the painted vines.

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