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My Take on Another Solar Chandelier!

I wanted to join in on the awesome solar chandelier craze but after searching local flea markets I couldn’t find anything that was cheap enough so I ended up with this metal wall sconce for $4

It was in great shape so all I needed to do was to spray it with a couple coats of polyurethane since I wanted to display it outside.

Then it dawned on me, duh, it has no sockets to hold the solar lights.

And then I remembered I had ……

Taking several sizes of magnets with me I headed to Big Lots. They have all sizes of solar lights plus the dollar store has sold out of them. I quickly found that when I removed the bottom part of the solar light one size of magnet fit perfectly inside the part that normally would set in the socket.

This shows I stacked 3 magnets in the bottom of a solar light. The light is turned upside down. I found that I had to push slightly to get these in. They were all different though. 2 lights took 3 magnets, 1 light took 4 and 1 light only took 2. I didn’t want to force any more in and chance the plastic cracking. All were a tight fit so they didn’t need any glue. Of course the one with 4 had more magnet power than the one with only 2.

The lights were nice and tight against the metal candle holder. The magnets were doing its job.

I should have picked the smaller sconces BL sold but they were more expensive and I would have had to purchase smaller magnets too.

Then I thought perhaps if I painted it it would take away from the bulkiness.

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