Mommy Lays Twins Side By Side On Bed, Keep Your Eye On The Baby Girl On The Right – Life Hacks Tips

Mommy Lays Twins Side By Side On Bed, Keep Your Eye On The Baby Girl On The Right

Having a sibling usually is a blessing no matter how far apart or how close they are in age. Being part of a dynamic duo of twins can be doubly fun, too.
But being a twin also can be a frustrating thing at times! Sometimes there can be an intense rivalry between the two.

But for these sweet little ones in the video below, it means having a built-in comedian and buddy around forever! Every time one twin throws the other a certain look or makes a funny sound, the second twin cracks up with laughter.
Not only is the exchange between the two simply hilarious, but the baby’s laughter is infectious! Thankfully, Mom thought to record this heartwarming moment and share it online for the world to see!

Since twins share identical DNA, it only makes sense that they share similar interests, likes, and dislikes! So when one twin laughs at something, the other is almost sure to follow!
Even though they get along well (for the most part), a fair amount of twins experience severe sibling rivalry. According to the Twins UK website, twins have to fight for their place in the world before they’re even born.

From sharing a womb to celebrating their joint birthday to trying to play with the same toy, being a twin means that you’re constantly forced to reassert your dominance. That’s why so many twins experience incredibly strong sibling rivalry with their brother or sister.
This is the reason it’s important for parents of twins to give them a sense of independence away from their twin. Twins also need to develop a sense of love and affection for each other even when that rivalry is rearing its head.

Thankfully, the twins here are far too young to understand any of that yet, but they do enjoy each other’s company! As soon as one twin looks at the other, they burst out into laughter.
It’s clear to see that they are two peas in a pod and will have a wonderful bond growing up! Take a peek at their silly laughing session for yourself in the video below.

Mom and Dad are lucky to have such sweet babies! Watch their cuteness overload and prepare to start giggling yourself!