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Modern Bunny Decor Made From Popsicle Sticks (Easter or Nursery Idea!)

I’m just “hopping” by to drop off a DIY bunny project that can be made entirely from popsicle sticks! This is a project that looks much harder than it actually is, so as long as you can stack sticks, you can make this DIY art.

I’m actually not sure what to call this little bunny project. Is it art? A shelf? A sculpture? It looks charming as part of a Spring vignette, sitting on a table or mantle, but you can also hang it on the wall to create a little Easter-themed shelf in your entryway or kitchen.

I have enjoyed our little bunny so much, I think he’ll probably stay up all year. Personally, I think this little guy is a great DIY nursery decor idea that would so sweet in a gallery wall among other keepsakes and art.

As with all of my popsicle stick projects, having a template to build your project on makes getting the shape so much easier. This is the most involved design I’ve created so far, so using the template will really help keep your craft sticks lined up as your bunny grows deeper.


bunny template (Visit the link at the bottom of this post.)
full size 4.5 popsicle sticks (I used about 120. I buy them in bulk on Amazon.)
mini 2.5 popsicle sticks (I used about 310.)
glue (Wood glue is great, but you can use more basic school or tacky glue too.)
acrylic paint
wood stain
yarn (If you prefer a pom pom tail to a popsicle stick tail.)

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