Make Your Own Pom Pom Rug – Life Hacks Tips

Make Your Own Pom Pom Rug

Picking out rugs is sooooo hard for an indecisive like me, so I thought I would go ahead and make one…. turns out that was just as hard to decide on. Nonetheless, I made a fun and fluffy pom pom rug and thought I would share my experience. It is great, because you can customize the colors and textures of the rug as well as the size and shape! With some pre-made pom poms, a bit of yarn for some custom ones, and a rug mat you are in business to make this great pom pom rug!

-Pre-Made Pom Poms
-Yarn (In Varying Colors and Textures for Custom Poms.)
-Rug Mat (I bought a 5×8 just in case)
-2 Toilet Paper Rolls (if you are making any of your own poms)

STEP 1: Cut the shape of your rug
Cut your rug mat to the size of the rug you want to create. You can also cut it in a shape if you want! You can even make a hexagon rug if you so wish! (Come to think of it I should have done that!)
Set this aside for now.

STEP 2: Make your own pom-poms
If you are making any pom poms for your rug, you will need the next 10 steps. If you are just using pre-made pom poms, you can skip ahead! The first step for making your own large pom is to grab 2 toilet paper rolls and, while keeping them together, wrap yarn around the rolls a bunch of times. Depending on how fluffy you want and the yarn you are using (thick or thin) you can wrap it anywhere between 16-40 times.

STEP 3: Cut the string
Once you have a nice mound of yarn on the rolls cut the rest of the skein or ball loose.

STEP 4: Cut a new piece of yarn
Cut a random strand of yarn separate from the roll you just wrapped. (about 7-10″ should be good)

STEP 5: Place the yarn between the rolls

Take your yarn strand and feed it between the two rolls of toilet paper and wrap it around the pile of yarn.

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