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Make The Most Of Your Small Suitcase With These Genius Packing Tips

There’s nothing I love more than going on vacation, but the one thing I dread leading up to my getaway is packing.

Even though I wear the same three outfits when I’m home, I manage to convince myself that I need 5 outfits per day on vacation, which makes packing difficult, to say the least. Of course, I only end up wearing about 10 percent of the clothing I bring, but that doesn’t stop me from shoving everything into my suitcase nonetheless!

Even if you aren’t an overpacker like me, getting ready for vacation is difficult because space in a suitcase is limited. Thankfully, these packing hacks have helped me double the space in my suitcase, prevent my shampoo from spilling all over everything, and keep my jewelry from getting lost.

Packing is an art form, and with these simple tips, you’ll soon be the Picasso of packing!


1-Pack pants with half of the pants hanging outside the suitcase.

2-Roll up shirts, underwear, and other clothing and pack them on top of the pants to save space.

3-Wrap shoes in plastic wrap to keep dirty soles from touching clean clothing.

4-Pack small items inside the shoes to save space.

5-Use a binder clip to prevent cords from getting tangled.

6-Put a layer of plastic wrap under a bottle’s cap to prevent spillage.

7-Keep track of earrings by putting them on a loose button and storing them in an old pill bottle.

8-Store necklaces in sealable plastic wrap to keep them from tangling.

9-Fold the rest of the pants onto the items in your suitcase.

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