I love updating my home and one of the places in my home that has really needed an update is my laundry room. I have a decent size laundry room but there is an ordinary wire shelf over the washer and dryer that was not the prettiest and it was also a bit too high up for me to reach. It just made the whole room a bit awkward and while it wasn’t completely unusable, I have been hoping to make a few tweaks to it to make it a bit prettier and a bit more functional. Today I am excited to share my mini laundry room make-over with you!

Thankfully, as one of HomeRight‘s ambassadors, I was able to finally update this room with a mini laundry room make-over and I love how a few simple changes transformed this room into a beautiful and usable space. A big huge thank you to HomeRight today for inspiring me to get creative with today’s hack!

The challenge was to take this simple ClosetMaid storage unit and transform it. I also needed to use Valspar’s Chalky Finish paint and my HomeRight FinishMax for this project. Those were the requirements for the hack that HomeRight challenged us to. You know I love a good hack and this one was definitely a fun challenge! And I decided that this unit would make beautiful storage in my laundry room!

Here is what my laundry room looked like before:

Because my laundry room wall is so big, I decided to pick up two of these ClosetMaid 6 Espresso Laminate Storage Cubes, some trim (both decorative and also 1″ x 2″ wood, steel piping, 12″ wide wood, stain and Valspar Chalky Finish Paint in Kid Gloves. I already had polyacrylic and Zinser Primer at home. And I of course used my awesome HomeRight FinishMax for this project as well!

We began by assembling the storage unit, I left off the back. Then I used my FinishMax to spray primer onto the cabinet. I will be honest with you, spraying cheap laminate furniture can be a challenge. Sometimes I have success with lightly sanding the piece of furniture first and sometimes I just need really light coats of primer. This is a case where doing both is a good idea, but I just opted for spraying several light coats of primer onto the storage unit. I allowed plenty of dry time too.

After the unit was primered, I filled my FinishMax up with Valspar’s Chalky Finish paint. I had to thin this accordingly and again I opted for several very thin coats of paint. I also painted my primed trim as well.

While my new storage units were drying, we removed the wire shelf from the laundry room. We then patched the walls.

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