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Kitchen Face Lift After 30 Years!

They had to remove the old linoleum, and the old old linoleum underneath that to level the floor before the new linoleum could be installed.

One side on it’s way. Coffee maker has a home on the window sill and toaster oven is now on a new shelf on the wall over the sink. Saved the silverware racks from the old dishwasher on the wall for extra space. Still have some electrical wiring issues to handle so cords are not visible. Flowers add more color while we wait for the new appliances to arrive.

New Stove and Dishwasher. Stove is the same size as the old one, but it has a top broiler, a light inside the oven and no more pilot light – electric ignition. The dishwasher is smaller than we had before, which gives us a small space between for added storage. I will build a full counter and slide out storage in that area at a later date.

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