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Intergalatic IKEA Hack

My little boy Joshua is obbesessed with STAR WARS and anything OUTTER SPACE! So when he said he wanted a cool bedroom for his 9th birthday I knew just what to do.
With a budget limited to $250 for a full bedroom set, we went on the hunt!
With a little help from Goodwill, IKEA, Unicorn SPiT & Famowood Glaze Coat, me and Josh are here to show YOU how to take the IKEA HACK from Level 1 to Level OUT OF THIS WORLD!

First step was to find all our pieces. We found a 1980’s Headboard for $10, an old Empire Style Desk for $40, and two 1970’s Hexagon Side Tables for $15 each at our local Goodwill. The bones on these bigger items were solid and sturdy and needed nothing more than a light sanding, Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain, Wise Owl Paint, and sealer.
Couldn’t find a chair that was very sturdy at any of the thrift stores and if your house is anything like mine, kids chairs HAVE to be sturdy because of the mulitiuse. I mean, kids chairs become forts, stools, high dive platforms, you name it, lol! So for our chair we went to IKEA and found the modern, solid wood, sturdy Chair for only $49! I even picked up a couple extra to slick up and sell in my Gallery!

We got them home and took them out of the box. We were prepared to sand but were pleasantly surprised to see that one side of the seat was stained and sealed and the other was bare wood! The seat would fit either way too! So with in minutes we were set up and ready to start our project.

For the Galaxy Technique this is what you will need:
1. Plastic Drop Cloth (cut to about 3 inches larger than your surface)
2. Spray Bottle of Water
3. Famowood Glaze Coat
4. Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain

On a level surface, set up your work place.
On the bare wood side of your IKEA seat apply your Unicorn SPiT in a spiral pattern and mist with water.

Lay your piece of plastic drop cloth over your IKEA Seat and allow it to suction down on its own as much as possible. Tug on the corners and the sides to pull tight to rid of any wrinkles or bubbles.

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