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Inexpensive Backsplash Idea ~ Faux Plank Wall

This faux plank wall backsplash is going to knock your socks off!

You guys know I hate to spend tons of money on my projects….well, this one kind of takes the cake in the money saving / thrifty department. I have seen plank walls all over the place, and really wanted to try one myself. One day I hopped in my truck and headed to Home Depot to take a look around and see what I wanted to do. I looked around in the lumber department, and felt a little overwhelmed. So, in true Jess fashion, I just started wondering aimlessly around the store. I found myself in the flooring section, dreaming of new hardwood floors that just weren’t in my budget, and noticed a price sticker on one of the shelves that floored me. Pun intended. I looked up from the 98 cents a piece sticker and saw these peel and stick faux wood flooring strips and BAM! The light went off! I knew it was meant to be…I mean, that’s how things that were meant to be happen, right?

I decided to buy a bunch and bring them home with me. I was going to make a planked backsplash in my kitchen and fool everyone…except I’m telling you about it, so you really aren’t fooled are you?

So, here is what I did. I started by laying them out on my dining table to see just how I wanted them to look on my wall. It’s not a very large space, so I wanted to make sure the planks would fit.

I peeled the paper off of the back of the first one and placed it up on the wall.

Then I started stacking them. I couldn’t stop myself to take photos, I just kept going. I literally just pealed the paper off of them and stuck them up on the wall and pressed as hard as I could to get the adhesive to stick to the wall.

There were some pieces that needed to be cut to fit in the remaining spaces. The most awesome thing of all is that I could just use scissors because these babies cut like butter!

Once I got them all up, I took a step back. Oh my goodness…amazing! I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to leave them as is…they were to be painted.

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