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How We Organized Our Small Bedroom

Last week I posted here on Home Talk about the bedroom mini-makeover my husband and I did to hold us over until we have time for a bigger renovation. Today, I wanted to follow-up and share some of the easy solutions we came up with to keep this bedroom organized.

The challenge with this bedroom is that we do not have a giant master suite with an MTV Cribs walk-in closet. We have a small bedroom with one closet and two dressers and here’s what the one closet was looking like:

We started this organizing project with a major purge. I was ruthless and got rid of almost any piece of clothing that doesn’t get an A+ in Fit, Color, Style, and Feeling. And then I convinced my husband to do the same, which was quite a feat, because he has a harder time letting things go.
I organized the remaining hanging clothes by color just cause I like the way that looks. 🙂

We added four Ikea Branäs baskets on the shelf to hold some of my workout gear, our swimming suits, and medical supplies, which we like to keep here, far out of curious kid finger reach. We also labeled each basket.

On the floor, on the left side, we added Martha Stewart cubbies purchased at Home Depot to hold hats, scarves, and some shoes I like to keep out of harms way.

On the right, we added new laundry hampers. In the past, we had two hampers here: one for our clothes and the other for the kids. (Don’t ask me why.) This was an annoying source of clutter because I never wanted to mix my delicates with the regular stuff, so I would just leave those in a heap on the floor.

To address this major source of distress in my life, we decided to move the kids’ laundry to the bathroom closet and got two Ikea Mulig hampers, so now we have four compartments just for us.

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