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How To Use Contact Paper To Make A Beautiful Privacy Window!

It was time to do something about these windows. We live at the top of a busy neighborhood and my bay windows offer a front row seat to everything going on inside my house. No more eye contact with the joggers, dog walkers and school kids.

I have three of these bay windows on the front of my house! THREE!

With time and patience, you can create an awesome privacy window with contact paper and a stencil.

Let’s start!

My wife did this entire project by herself. Here’s what she did:
First decide on a pattern. I made this pattern in Photoshop and created my stencil on cardboard. The worst part of this job is tracing and cutting. Figure out how many stickers you’ll need and get them all cutout before you start. It’ll make this job easier.
You’ll need:
-A spray bottle full of water and one drop of dish soap,
-A small squeegee
-Paper towels. (I used newspaper as paper towels. It’s actually common here in Japan on windows. No, the ink doesn’t come off 🙂
-Boxcutter or exacto knife
-Did I mention patience..?
Spray the window well with the spray bottle and then put up your sticker. They’re easy to move around on top of the water and dish soap solution. Adjust them into position and then squeegee out the water and bubbles. The stickers might still move a little, but will adhere stronger after a couple minutes. Keep wiping the window down and keep extra towels on hand for the mess. It’s easier to see air bubbles when it’s dark outside too.

Some of the stickers you’ll need to cut. Use a good ruler and boxcutter for this. Be careful not to scratch the window or window seal/caulking.

If you get a stubborn air bubble that you can’t get out, make a little cut on it. This should work and be unnoticeable most of the time.
*In my experience, contact paper is extremely difficult to get off of windows when its dry. We did this on a window as practice and spent a lot of time getting them off. Don’t use a heat gun on a window, because it might crack the glass. Hair dryers work well though. You can also use sticker remover spray for the stubborn sticker residue.

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