How to Repair a Mobile Home Counter Top – Life Hacks Tips

How to Repair a Mobile Home Counter Top

some mobile home counter tops are very hard to replace but you can fix them with some car body fill.

In this picture if look to the far right you can see the laminate puckering. First cut away the pukering laminat and dig out the bad wood til you get to solid wood.

Next mix up some bondo it comes in 2 parts you don’t need very much of the hardener the more hardener you put in the less working time you have to smooth it out. Once it is hard you can sand it down to a smooth. Now come the fun part.

First sand all of your counter tops I use a palm sander. Clean off the counter top really really well. Then put 2 coats of primer paint when that dries put 2 coats of good paint on I used tan.

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