How to Prepare Pine Cones for Wreaths – Life Hacks Tips

How to Prepare Pine Cones for Wreaths

I love adding a bit of nature into my fall, winter and Christmas wreaths by using pine cones. However, I also like to keep the cost of my supplies down so spending money on pine cones, which are abundant here in South Carolina, seems crazy.
I have a few pine cones in my backyard and when walking the dogs, I take a bag with me to pick up cones from other peoples’ yards, which they NEVER seem to mind-free yard cleanup!
Before using fresh pine cones, I take the time to prepare them because there can be sap and critters inside them… Um yea, don’t think my customers want live critters in their wreaths. I found these beautiful pine cones when dropping off my daughter at Ebenezer Lutheran Church Disciple Camp at Camp Kinard here in South Carolina. They have a ton of pine cones ranging in different sizes and shapes. Jackpot!!

Step 1 Soak in water and vinegar solution.

Step 2 Drain.

Step 3 Spread the pine cones in a single layer on a foil lined baking sheet and place bake. For exact instructions, head over to my blog using the link below.

Drying this way can take an hour or two depending on the size so check on them every 30 minutes or so, because they can burn.

Step 4 Now that the pine cones are baked and cooled, I prepare them to be wired into my wreaths. To do this, use gardening gloves, because these things are prickly and use an awl to punch a hole into the stem of the cone.

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