How to Make Shot Glasses out of Peppermints – Life Hacks Tips

How to Make Shot Glasses out of Peppermints

Have you collected a bunch of peppermint candies? Are you ready to stop stressing about holiday shopping and start relaxing with friends or family? Well, The Watering Mouth has a great idea for solving both of your holiday conundrums!

You can use some heat to make your excess peppermint candy into shot glasses (or cute little cups if you’d rather negate the alcohol). Your party guests are sure to flip when they see these adorable little peppermint glasses on display! Just make sure you have enough for everyone, of course.

All you need for this adorable project are little peppermints, baking paper, and regular shot glasses, and they only take a few minutes to make! Simply tear your baking paper (one little piece per shot glass) and group seven mints in the center of each sheet. Bake them for 10-15 minutes before taking them out of the oven and letting them cool for ten seconds.

Turn over at least one regular shot glass near by and use this as a template while the mints are still hot. And, just so you know, they will be VERY hot. Unfortunately, you need them to be this warm, so when you drape them over the shot glass they’ll take that shape. So just be careful!

After only a few minutes, they’ll have hardened into the shot glass shape! Lay them out to display with some liquor (or some non-alcoholic beverages for the kids) and watch your guests flip out.