How To Make Mosaic Rock Pavers! – Life Hacks Tips

How To Make Mosaic Rock Pavers!

This is a super fun and easy way to create unique pavers for sidewalks and pathways. I’m currently working on a pathway around my house and wanted something heavier and more decorative than the pavers available at the outdoor center.

I did five practice pavers first and experimented with different brands of mortar, cement and rock placement. I didn’t want any of the rocks coming loose or pavers breaking in half in the future. The two large pavers and the small curly one are made out of what I think works best.

I found these plastic gardening trays at my local flower shop. These were so much easier to use than making a wood frame for the paver. The only down side is there’s not a big selection of sizes. If you use a plastic tray, make sure the ends are at 90 degree angles and don’t curve out, so your pavers will sit flush next to each other.

First, you layout your design. Make sure your tray is deep enough to be about 75% mortar. Also don’t stack any rocks. Use small rocks to fill in small gaps, but make sure the mortar touches the back of everything you’ll see on the top.

After your design is layed out make sure the rocks, for the most part, are nice and tight. Give the top a good shower with the hose before you put on your mortar.

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