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How To Make A Jaw-Dropping Pendulum Box Clock!!

You read that title right! Jaw-dropping box clocks! My most passionate hobby is collecting and fixing antique Japanese clocks. I am crazy about clocks. So much so that I’ve started building my own from scratch with my very own trademark. It’s actually pretty simple to do a project like this and nothing compliments a room better than a gorgeous clock on the wall.

Here’s one of my finished clocks! My trademark is Karasuki and the logo is a crow on a branch. Karasu is crow in Japanese and Ki is tree. The word means nothing in Japanese.

First you’ll need to make the box. If you don’t have or want to use a saw, this can be done with just a metal ruler and boxcutter. There is a large selection of thin types of plywood at your local hardware store. Measure everything out and run the boxcutter along the edge of the ruler a couple times until its cut.
*Becareful with boxcutters! Get one the locks the blade into place too.
*Do this on a cutting board, piece of wood or cardboard. Be aware and careful of what you’re cutting on top of.

You can use a drill or awl to make holes for screws. I often use trim on the inside of my clock boxes for decoration and to make the box sturdier.
Check out pictures of old antique clocks to get an idea of what you want to create. The possibilities are endless. I used a jigsaw to cut the wavy parts of this clock.

This was all cutout with a boxcutter. It is not as difficult as it looks. I cutout all of the thin strips of wood myself, but you can buy similar sizes in the trim area of you wood/hardware store.
These can be screwed or glued down.

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