How to Make a Garden Plate Flower Wind Chime – Life Hacks Tips

How to Make a Garden Plate Flower Wind Chime

Spring is just around the corner and at this time of the year I love to start thinking about fun items for the garden like wind chimes and garden plate flowers.

For this project I decided to combine the two.

I went into my stashes to find my supplies for this project.
Here’s what I used to put it together… a silver tray, a glass flower shaped dish, some silver tone chain, some silver split rings, silver plate teaspoons, and my power drill.
The blue glass candle holder piece is from another project that I took apart years ago. It’s decorated with blue glass beads, and the clear glass candle holder that’s glued inside it has an earring glued in its centre.

The first thing I did was figure out where I wanted my spoons to hang. I lined them up with the silver tray and marked where I wanted my holes to be with a sharpie.

Using a 3/32″ drill bit specifically for metal I drilled my holes.

Then I threaded on my split rings.

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