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How to Make a DIY Hanging Colander Planter

Method 2:


1 – 5 quart metal or stainless steel colander
1/4 – cup great value white vinegar, alcohol, or de-glosser
sponge (to apply vinegar or alcohol)
1 – 12 oz can Rustoleum Ultra Cover primer –
1 – 12 oz can Rustoleum Berry Pink Ultra Cover paint
1 – 12 oz can Rustoleum Ultra Cover Matte Clear Cover
5 – coffee filters or a piece of burlap
small bag potting soil
flowers or plants of your choosing
1 – flower pot hanging kit (garden department) or see note below
1 – all purpose solar light, optional


To paint the colander you will need to do a bit of prep work first. Since it’s a metal colander you will need to wipe the surface first with white vinegar or use a store bought deglosser. The vinegar cleans the surface, removes any oily residue, and makes paint peeling less likely.

Let the colander completely dry before priming. Now it’s time to add the primer. Spray one coat of primer all over the colander (inside & out). Make sure to let the primer dry according to the directions on the can (I let the primer dry about 2 hours before painting).

Once the primer is dry you can paint the colander with a color of your choosing. I used Rustoleums 2x the coverage paint, so I only added one coat. Let the colander completely dry (per directions on paint can) and finish with a clear coat spray to seal and protect the paint. Let the colander dry overnight before planting.

Line the inside of the colander with coffee filters or cut a circle out of a piece of burlap fabric. The coffee filters or burlap will help hold the soil in the colander while still allowing for adequate drainage. You can also add rocks as well on top of the burlap or filters, but that’s optional.

Once the filters are in place add about 1 inch of potting soil over the coffee filters. Now you can start adding flowers or plants, and then cover with more soil to hide the coffee filters. Don’t forget to water your plants or flowers. You can place your new planter on a table or you can choose to hang the colander (see directions above) with flower pot hooks and a chain or twine to create a hanging plant option.

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