How to Make a DIY Hanging Colander Planter – Page 2 – Life Hacks Tips

How to Make a DIY Hanging Colander Planter

Method 1:


Old {or new} colanders
Potting soil
Landscape fabric
Jute string
Hooks with drywall hangers


Step 1: Cut out a circle of landscape fabric to put in the colander so dirt doesn’t pop out the holes when you water it. I just eyeballed mine and did a little trimming to help it fit.

Step 2: Place flowers {I used Purslane} into colander, knocking off dirt from the bottom if it’s too tall to fit. Then sprinkle dirt inside to fill the rest of the planter. I always seem to make such a mess doing this!

Step 3: Cut a LONG piece of Jute string to tie on one corner of the handles, wrap around handle to cover, and knot again. Leave as much excess as you want for the planter to hang, and tie a knot on the opposite corner of the other handle. Repeat wrapping on other handle, knot at the end, and if you have enough left, bring over with enough excess to knot where you first started.

Was that confusing? I got lost just writing it.

Another way to do it is to wrap your handles and tie knots at each beginning and end, then cut separate strings to knot at the handles and pull to the middle at desired height above the planter. I only did it the first way because I didn’t want there to be a ton of knots with the potential to come loose.

If needed, you can tied another knot in the string above the planter for added security.

Step 4: Put hooks into the ceiling, if needed, and make sure to use drywall hangers to secure hooks that are not screwed directly into a stud. I had Joseph help with this part!

Step 5: Water plant and arrange or “fluff up” where you accidentally mangled it trying to plant, and hang for all to see!

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-4 for as many planters as you want to make.

Method 2:

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