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How to Make a DIY Hanging Colander Planter

It’s probably safe to say that plants and I do not get along.

However, that doesn’t stop me from trying again every year, hoping that this is finally the season where my brown thumb turns green and I suddenly become a gardening pro. Working with plants truly is an art I admire — and one I only wish I had!

Since we have yet to buy any furniture for our lanai, I wanted to give this space a little something nice to look from our humble folding chairs and TV tray. Redneck, I know, but we’re working little by little to save up for a nice set.

Happy Spring y’all! Fall is my favorite season, but spring comes in a close second. I don’t care for all the spring storms that go along with Texas territory, but I do love all the vibrant colors, the flowers popping back up, cool days, and getting everything fresh and clean from winter.

This year I really want to work on brightening up our front entryway and back yard with lots of different colors. It’s amazing how colors can change your mood in an instant. I love potted plants, so when Walmart asked me to spruce up my outdoor area with items from their garden department I knew I wanted to do something fun and different.

One of my pretty little colanders that I loved for rinsing small berries and veggies started chipping and rusting, and I thought I might have to throw it away until I saw Country Living’s April 2015 issue included the cutest DIY Colander Planters. Now I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!

Since I had received another little colander as a housewarming gift that I hadn’t used yet, I realized it had to be fate. I finally had the perfect pair to bring a splash of color to our lanai that we can enjoy all Summer long…..IF I remember to water them, that is!

Method 1:

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