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How to Make a Cheap and Easy Mosquito Trap

You can spray your skin as much as you want to repel mosquitoes from your body, but what about the general jurisdiction? They rule the outdoors this time of year, guzzling on everybody’s blood like it’s happy hour.

Sadly, not many of us are immune to the skeeter’s bite. Not babies, pets, or adults. People usually fight back with prevention sprays or citronella, but sometimes you’ve got to go harder. It’s time to take the fight to the little monsters. This trap just might be the answer.

An old soda bottle becomes a death trap with this DIY setup from the SF Globe. The materials used in this project create a carbon dioxide magnet. Since mosquitoes are attracted to the CO₂, the idea is to bait them to this contraption where they’ll be doomed.

Mosquito Trap


2-liter plastic soda bottle with cap removed
¼ cup brown sugar
1 gram or ¼ teaspoon yeast
1 cup hot or warm water


Cut It
Using a large serrated knife, cut the bottle in half.

Dump It
Dump the brown sugar into the bottom half of the bottle.

Pour It
Pour in the warm water, then add the yeast last.

Invert It
Invert the top half of the soda bottle so the neck fits into the well of liquid bait.

Watch the video to see how to mix up and assemble your mosquito magnet. Once you’ve made the trap, you can place it anywhere in the yard where you know mosquitoes like to gather. Ideally, you don’t want to put the traps too close to your hangout spots, but instead around the perimeter.
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