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How To Frame A Bathroom Mirror On A Budget

Hey Renters! Or homeowners who change their minds a lot (shout out). Or remodelers on a budget. You’ve seen gorgeous photos of beautiful bathroom mirrors with fancy frames, right? And you want one, right? But you can’t afford to take down that builder-grade mirror and replace it with one that costs more than a year’s worth of electric bills? I feel you. My bathroom has a giant, cheap-o, plain jane mirror just stuck on the wall like the builder spent his last dollar of the budget at McDonalds on a big mac.

You’ve probably got one, too, so you know exactly what I mean. Builders, listen up, stop using these things! We all hate them! But I’ve got a way to fix it for just $14 dollars and change. Take that, frugal home builder!

This was the boring mirror before I remodeled the bathroom. Now, I like to decorate. And redecorate. A lot. One minute I may love the idea of a large chunky black frame. And a year down the road, I may be into silver or gold or who knows, maybe even fuchsia. So I wanted something versatile enough that I could change it without tearing the whole thing down. And I wanted to keep the project on the cheap side because, well, I like to shop and the mall was having a big sale.

So with an idea in mind and measurements on a sticky note in my pocket, I headed to Lowes to find some boards to build a frame. I designed my bathroom with an Industrial Farmhouse style so I didn’t want to get fancy with the cuts. I didn’t need molding or mitered corners, just clean straight lines. This made it even more easy because the lumber crew at the store cut them exactly to size and I did absolutely nothing except sand and paint. I painted all sides, including the back, because the mirror reflects a little bit of the back side.

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